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Buteyko Instructor Training

Instructor Training

Expertise, knowledge and experience.

ABI Certification

Become a certified Advanced Buteyko Instructor.

Instructor Support

Full support to help you get the best results.


Expert guidance & consultation available locally & online.

Highest Standards

ABI Instructors have the highest personal standards.

Support Tools

Our Professional Advanced Buteyko Instructor support tools.

For optimal health, high performance and the reversal of chronic disease.

Instructor Training Course

ABI Instructor Training is a complete package including:

1. The Advanced Buteyko Course.
2. Instructor Training with an ABI Master Instructor.
2. ABI Instructor Manual.
3. Access to the ABI Instructor Tools:
   * An Advanced Buteyko Instructor account to login to the website.
   * Your students can use the Advanced Buteyko app.
   * View the recent breathing charts and breathing scores of your students


The total ABI Instructor Training Program fee is 850 USD.
The 349 USD Advanced Buteyko course is included in this 850 USD fee.
There are some minor further fees, contact us for details.

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